We specialize in industrial Projects planning and development and in proposing our customers the most effective, proved technologies from acknowledged manufacturers as well as in arranging funds for the project financing needs (i.e. technology, process equipment & materials). We offer coordination of contracts and financing of complete industrial facilities in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

Due to our comprehensive studies and knowledge of the listed markets we are capable to:


  • industrial Projects conceptual designs
  • field audits, business plans, feasibility study
  • expertise to support credit application

Provide advice to our customers in:

  • selection of industrial project financing best options
  • industrial project credit insurance
  • distributing our customers’ selected products on the European market

Assist our customers in:

  • launching new business solutions
  • tailoring best-for-them technologies
  • selection of appropriate financing
  • financing credit insurance

Products & services:

  • technological lines for agro-food industry
  • technological lines for building materials industry
  • technological lines for wood processing industry
  • technological lines for plastics and rubber processing
  • technological lines for the spirit and chemical industries
  • comprehensive projects for thermo-modernization of buildings, heating networks & boiler-houses.
  • complete turn-key industrial facilities
  • complete design, equipment assembly, staff training and spare parts supply related to the industrial projects

We offer:

  • business plans and feasibility study
  • design
  • execution
  • crew training
  • delivery of spare parts during warranty and post-warranty period

In some selected product groups, we also offer marketing and sales assistance on the European Union markets.


We additionally offer, according to customer’s request, machines and equipment from various industries, both new or used with delivery and assembly at the customer’s location.


We offer raw materials necessary for production (chemicals, polypropylene, polyethylene, rubber mixtures, other chemical compounds).


For the food industry: packaging, plastic foil, flavoring additives, dyes, bread improvers, components for the meat industry, and others.

We invite you for working with us for mutual benefit.

Krzysztof Śledziński, CEO